Perception is Reality

It's always been interesting to me how tightly some people hold on to what it is they think they know.  How they maintain a death grip on something they believe - no matter how many facts or how much evidence is presented that refutes and disproves it. I guess they don't want to grow. And I totally get that. Growth isn't easy. Many times it's uncomfortable, causes at least a small part of us to change, and - more importantly - requires that we face the fact (let alone admit to anyone) that we were wrong (or at the very least mistaken).

Most peoples minds are like concrete - all mixed up and permanently set.

And not just those "in the world" - a lot of Christians fall into that as well. 4SIX is a rebirth. A maturity, if you will. The ministry was formerly known as Black Belt Christianity. A lot of articles and videos and teachings were produced under that name. But no matter how good the teaching was, no matter how anointed any given message was, many people - many Christians - wouldn't listen because of the name of the ministry and their preconceived notions.

You see, a lot of people hold the belief that the martial arts were founded on or are inextricably linked to Eastern religion and/or the occult. With traditional Karate-do (kah-rah-teh doh), that's absolutely not the case. Much like Christianity has had man's own thoughts and desires forced upon it, the same thing has happened to many martial arts - not just Karate-do.  So here we are.

In the end, it's not a really big deal. It's a name. It changed. So what? In the end, ultimately (hopefully) more people will be reached with the Word. Here's the lesson in this for all of us -

For most people, perception is reality.

That of course begs the question for all of us - what do people perceive about us? What do they think about us? Many of us probably don't really care what others think of us. I know I really don't because I'm here to please God, not people. But if you're a Jesus-follower (unless you're a "Closet Christian" sinfully hiding your faith) you're not just representing yourself, but Christ. Then then question becomes this:

When others see you, what is their reality of Jesus?